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Copy Trade


BTF Copy Trade Platform

Make a huge profit by copying professional traders

Join the League of smart investors with BTF CopyTrade – a social trading platform that allows you to follow the selected professionals’ strategies, automatically copy the leading Traders of our community, and gain fabulous profits. When they make profit, you make profit too!

On top of that, you can become a Trader and allow others to copy your orders for a commission percentage. Just share your skills with people and get paid!

BTF CopyTrade easily introduces you to the financial market and helps you manage your investments wisely:

  • Copy the best traders and earn like a Pro

    Learn trading from the best players by following their progress on the market

  • Get detailed Trader information

    Browse the list of top traders, check their profit statistics, and pick the most successful ones to copy

  • Create a unique portfolio

    Create your own portfolio of the best traders, track their progress, connect them, and make money

  • Start and stop copying anytime you want

    Take action when Traders are doing their best and alter your schedule depending on your needs

Investing on the financial markets has never been easier!

Here is why:

  • Enter the market without any specific financial knowledge
  • Make a stable income effortlessly – chill while others work!
  • Earn in just one click!
  • Deposit and withdraw via over 100 payment systems
  • Control all your investments’ profitability
  • Increase your investment amount whenever needed

CopyTrade is a social trading revolution!

Confusion and insecurity on the market are no more – now, a huge professional community is on your side 24/7! Start now and let the selected professionals work for you!